Best Tattoo Idea, Ever

My friend recently revealed her someday-tattoo design, and I think it’s brilliant: Luther’s rose!

luthers-roseGorgeous. Beautiful. WIsh you were here. It’s perfect because it is completely representative of all the reasons I love her: It’s colorful and stylishly intricate, but not too busy; it’s a lifelong symbol of her commitment to her faith; and it’s just that much offbeat. Why settle for a cross or a fish when you can have something very specific to your beliefs and sense of tradition?

Ok. So we have the design. So now the questions is: Where should it go?

For those of us–particularly the ladies among us–who enjoy the tat, but don’t want to share it with everyone, placement is very nearly as important as the tat itself. Part of it is that irrational but ever-present need/desire to be a mysterious creature.**  I like to imagine this scenario:

Me: “Oh yeah, I’ve had a tattoo for years.”
Totally. Nonchalent.

Friend: “Really? I didn’t know that!”
Clearly impressed by this previously unknown wild side of my nature.

But really, I think the importance of placement is more a matter of practicaility. If you do stage work or teach or work in some offices, the ankle, wrist, back of neck, forearm, and bicep are all going to be a pain when you have to try to bandage/DermaBlend them every day/night. And what about when your body decides it’s time for a geographic shift? Or suppose one is asked to attend a state occasion one day? Clearly the shoulder blade is out since it limits your dress options amongst the less liberally minded mucky-mucks.

That’s why I got mine on my hip, see?

Obviously, this pic is when it was still fresh… that’s the ink in the pretty blue cloud around it. My brother-in-law, the award-winning Argentinean Tattoo Artist did it… isn’t he great? I’m kind of counting on it not stretching too much, and I figure if I’m ever in a positiion of showing my hipbone, I’m probably not too concerned about conservative mucky-mucks anyhow….
**Even though my personal, independent survey suggessts the long-lasting tat has surpassed even the cute nose-ring as the shocking bodymod of choice for 20-year old girls. Just ask my brother-in-law.
(“Hello, 2001? We all wanna get pierced. And then tastefully tattooed on our lower backs–Something pretty and cute, maybe tribal… ooh! Flower garlands and some inspirational words in kanji!”).
It’s ok, I can make fun. I got pierced too.  And I kept it.

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