Gluten Free Pizza at Garlic Jim’s!

Garlic Jim’s on 6th Ave has a new sign out front for Gluten Free Pizza. Hooray!
I haven’t eaten a pizza crust in 3 years. (Oh sure, I eat pizza all the time, but always leave semi-repellent crust-destruction in my wake… remember that Mel Gibson movie, “The Man Without a Face”?)

We ordered a large Hawaiian to bring to a get together, and it was pretty darn good.** More on that in a minute.

Gluten-Free Gourmet Pizza is a pretty big thing for the company, as you can read all about in the company’s July 2008 press release. They say they had no idea of the numbers of gluten-intolerant people “denied pizza,” and that they have eliminated any chance of cross-contamination with this special recipe from a Vancouver, WA baking company. (Yeah, local!) I can’t seem to find a recipe of what kind of flour is actually IN the crust; it’s a curiosity for me, but may be necessary information for some people with other allergies to common replacements like rice, tapioca, garbonzo beans, etc.

Whatever it is, the dough has a really nice, slightly whole-grainy texture, but it still looks and acts like pizza dough. It is a little sweet, but that was actually pretty perfect with the generous pineapple, toasted coconut, and slivered macadamia nuts that accompany your standard Canadian bacon. (Delicious additions, even without the crust!) I’ll be interested to see if that sweetness takes away from other, more savory pizza toppings, like garlic, sausage, basil, and mozzarella.

But the important thing here: I am completely willing to find out.

Thanks, Garlic Jim’s!


**GF Advocate’s note: After a couple years of some really terrible substitutes, I make it a point to never even mention the terrible, or even the not-that-great. In a moment of cookie craving, some poor soul might remember the name and not the review, buy it anyway, and be so disappointed. And all that will do is perpetuate the myth that it’s ok for dietary substitutes to taste like crap. It is not ok.


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