Toasty Fall Firsts

The annual “fall firsts” are trickling in… first day to wear my winter wool coat and fuzzy non-slip boots for the trek down the hill to work. The first hat AND scarf day. First hour-and-a-half detour through Wright Park and my own little neighborhood to see the trees on my way home from work. The first night sleeping in warm socks. First spider webs on the hedges across the street… They appeared overnight, a whole row of them that lined a sidewalk in perfect symmetrical overlay, intricate as battenberg lace; even to a severe arachnophobic, they are breathtaking.

Matt has been breaking in our slow cooker with all kinds of delicious recipes. I’m not even sure where he gets them, but I love the way our little apartment smells when it’s all full of potatoes, lentils, spicy sausage, and herbs. I also love the way he tastes the first bowl, hmms and shrugs, and thinks aloud about whether it needs more garlic. 

Last week I also made the first hot cocoa of the season. It was much more elaborate than usual, and delicious: cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of Baileys, and whip cream. Et voila! Dessert in a mug.


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