I can see the ocean from here!

So after our deelish dinner earlier tonight, I hitched a ride with some of the guys who were also ignoring their cranky exhaustion and looking for something fun to do before we left town.  And when I say “the guys,” I mean three software engineers in their 40s and 50s… party animals on the prowl!

The original Salt Water Taffy!

The original!

So, I hopped in their rented, electric blue PT Cruiser and we cheerfully headed down to Atlantic City. (I was especially cheerful, due to a glass and a half of hard won house Cabernet and the sure knowledge that I don’t have to get up at 6 am tomorrow morning like the rest of them.)

It’s *freezing* here, and mostly everything is closed (this being the off tourist season). So, I declared Chocolate to be our mission, and we wandered Caesar’s Palace, a frozen and empty boardwalk, and found it at James candy store on the first floor of the Tropicana. I bought a coconut macaroon and ate it right away, and a little bag of “mixed chocolate seashells” to take home with me. My mom used to get us the hazelnut seashells for Valentines day. 🙂

Oh! It turns out the stores that ARE open on the Atlantic City boardwalk past 9 pm in November all have at least two of the following words in the store sign: Chinese. Full. Body. Massage.

The best part of the night: We DID walk down to the shore. And even though it was freezing cold, and far far too dark to even think about wading into the water… it was so calming. I always feel at home, even just knowing the water is somewhere near. And when it’s foaming in pure white clouds at my feet, and shushing itself off to the darkness… it refuels me somewhere. I can breathe, y’know?


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