NYC in 5 hours or less!

Outside Radio City

I made it! My first trip to New York!

After all the grumbling about missing out on the city, I made it work! By 12:45 peeyem yesterday (Thursday) I was tripping out of the Port Authority Transit Center into the chilly bright air on 42nd street. And I owe it all to Facebook. Go figure.

I was up late and sleepless the night before, doing work stuff and chatting with K-inKorea over Facebook (a surreal experience in itself for those of us still naïve in the modren ways of the internets). Was just getting ready to finally turn it in and resign myself to a day of hanging out in airports when a little missive of hope appeared at the bottom edge of my screen. Wendybird! Now a native species to the city since 2006, she had a random day off and offered to be my tour guide for the afternoon!

So I got myself together and bussed it in to the city for a day with Wendybird. It was short—about 4.5 hours before I had to get back to the Newark airport—but soo worth it.

The great thing about an impromptu daytrip is that there’s no time to fill it up with anything organized or scheduled. We just walked, talked, grabbed a bite, and walked some more. Wendybird pointed out the big stuff and said, “maybe we should turn this way,” and that was it. Oh, and she very graciously let me use her camera to take pics of all the stuff she sees every day.


From the footbridge

Handsome Lion at the Public Library

Handsome Lion at the Public Library

Under Construction at Bergdorf Goodman

One of the gorgeous, natural world meets the golden age windows under construction at Bergdorf Goodman

Although: We did stumble across a pretty little carousel (“Le Carousel,” en fait) and The Dairy in Central Park, which she hadn’t seen before. Look at the adorable frog! And Edith Piaf was trilling along in a mid-song tirade (know what I mean?) as we stopped to snap a quick picture. Parfait.

Le Carousel in Central Park

"Le Carousel" in Central Park

Really the best part of it all was a long and much overdue visit with a good friend. We had lots of time to get past the catchupchitchat (which I worry is the bulk of confabs I have with friends these days) and have a real lingering conversation… sharing thoughts on the presidential election (her neighborhood in Harlem was celebrating till 3 am, without the “over seer” cops that always hover around any big event), the subtle combination of comfort and confusion that comes with a real grown up relationship with your parents, and the particular thrill of a promising new artistic collaboration.

Me & Wendybird

Me & Wendybird

Ooh, and we discussed the elevated gourmet status of a street-cart polish dog with cream cheese. Actually that was just me… Wendybird and the newyawk hotdog guy both thought I was nuts.

Thank you again, Wendybird for a lovely, lovely day in the city!


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