Guess what? I think I’m an official rockstah now! Funny thing this weekend, right after the third and last set of our near-monthly gig at the Fan Club: I was sitting around all sweaty and unbuttoned, sipping my new favorite gig-drink (whiskyhotwaterlemon&honey) and chatting with fun friends who always come to shows.

Dude walks up to the table: “Are you the singer?”
“Yeah, how’s it going?”

“I effing love you!” Only he didn’t say effing.
“Wow! …thank you!”

“I’ve been coming to this place for a year now, and I effing love you!”
And then he turned around and moseyed off.


The best possible follow up: The husband’s response was a bemused and toothy grin as he called after Dude: “Yeah! And I’m effing married to her!”

You tell ‘im, baby!


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