Winter Wedding #1: The bridesmaids wore black

Attended a lovely holiday wedding this weekend with and for very dear friends. The church was full of garlands and lights, the reception hall was all burnished gold and crimsons, and the whole thing perfectly festive without being prematurely Christmasy. And yes! The bridesmaids wore black.

By their late twenties, most girls—married or not, engaged or not, remotely interested in being married…or not—can confidently stake a claim as a Wedding Expert. I know I consider myself to be one. I figure after 2 stints as a flower girl, 5 tours of bridesmaid duty, and 1 each as a groomsmaid and an actual bride*, I’m confident and qualified to make the following evaluation:

Excellent choice on the ‘maids dresses. Black was a perfect background for the festive nosegays, and I loved that all the girls wore whatever cocktail dress let them feel fantastic. There were 6 attendant couples, and alongside 6 dapper tuxedos were 6 completely different dress personalities: a classic ankle-length slipdress, a sassy cap-sleeved sheath, an out-to-there party dress, a flirty mini with a bow, a surprisingly conservative halter, and a gorgeously beaded empire-waisted gown with a flowy, asymmetrical hem for a mom-to-be.

Since it was a winter evening wedding, a lot of the guests were also wearing black-and-bling, and I was really impressed by how beautiful it all was… not only chic and elegant, but a soothing calm for my famously boisterous friends making their vows. The chapel really almost seemed starlit, and my friends caught and reflected all that light.

It also made me think of what a marked contrast it was our summer afternoon wedding. All those bold summer florals and a rainbow of brights made the bridal party and congregation seem like a field of wildflowers from my vantage point at the altar.

Thinking on both events—and many of the equally eye-catching weddings I’ve attended of late—I can’t help but picture all those smiling faces in the winter night sky and the summer flower field. So many of them have been the same faces, the same smiles, the same dazzling array of style and spirit at so many important events and occasions. As a qualified Wedding Expert, these are the details to treasure.

Just don’t get me started on the shoes.



Fun dancing at the reception!My fantastic vintage satin, and one of the starlit guests! (The handsome fella was hiding behind his own camera all night, so this is rare footage!)


* I have also been a processional/choral/unity-candle-lighting singer, first-dance-choreographer, psalm-reader, bridesmaid’s bitch, photographic assistant, guest-book attendant, greeter and gift-minder, dog-walker, hall-decorator, buffet-replenisher, crepe-paper-draper, invitation-assembler, babysitter, and yes, guest, at 2 to 6 weddings a year since I graduated high school in 1999. Y’all know where I’m coming from, right? 


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