Mixin’ It Up

Last weekend, the husband and I went home to my parent’s house for a little legal child-labor. (Only after we convinced them that yes, everyone’s parents call in their kids for manual tasks, and no, we didn’t feel obliged, and yes, we wanted to help…)cement1

We were laying a little Quickcrete to fill in a “gap” between the back door and the drive way, a perfectly harmless path (almost it’s own walkway) that was recently deemed a “trip hazard” by the home insurance folks. And of course it had to be done that weekend, so we bundled up against the icy wind, hunkered down, and got to work digging, stomping, leveling, mixing, pouring, and smoothing.

Actually, it was kind of fun to be out there! It felt good to use the muscles in my body to do something, and something that produces a visible, lasting result. Also, I worked cement for a summer and a winter during college, and it was really nice to see that I still remembered how to do almost everything, from building a pseudo frame to floating it all out.

Even with the chilly wet weather, it all seems to have turned out pretty well. And I have to say… it was fun to impress the husband with my limited–but previously unknown!–construction prowess.

"Who needs tools? Just grab a hammer and a 2x4."

As my old cement boss used to say: "Who needs tools? Just grab a hammer and a 2x4."


One thought on “Mixin’ It Up

  1. Hey Emily, I read all of your blogs in one sitting and it was great to get a glimpse of what you are doing (pouring concrete, going to weddings) your thoughts (word nerd) and feelings (faith keeping). I enjoyed it all, put the site on my bookmarks and will keep checking it. We are relieved you and Matthew have found a church–we’ve seen too many couples talk about going to church together, but never make a commitment to one. I think your thoughts on the history you have had at your home church were so clear and descriptive that it gave me hope in what we keep doing as a constant … and sometimes I’m not too happy about it. Because I don’t see how it affects others all the time. So, thanks, Bette

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