Men in Suits

An emerging trend in the late-twenties to early-thirties men of my acquaintance, of which I highly approve (the trend and the men, together): Dressing nicely. Lots of friends were in town for the holidays and out and about at various get-togethers, and it was so appealing to see all these nice men looking so nice! All of us girls were noticeably impressed by the marked increase in the jackets, ties, vests, suspenders even(!), and an assortment of natty caps.

What a far cry from the “semi-formal uniform” for all my male contemporaries, circa 2000 to 2006: Khakis. Blue collared shirt. Brown shoes. Maybe a belt (hopefully brown). Maybe a tie. On the one hand, a no-fail “appropriate” outfit. On the other, you keep thinking you ought to ask them which aisle has the DVD players.

Part of why this suiting up seems so new, so rare, perhaps, is because of my current geographic environs. I work at a casual office and I live in “the gritty city” of Tacoma. Despite all the really lovely and hip areas and stores and people in this town (more on them later), most watering holes are filled with a clientele that’s more concerned about what’s on tap this week than who walked in wearing what. And mostly, that’s exactly the way I like it.

(Granted, I’m not single. I hear a lot from the late-twenties to early-thirties women of my acquaintance how they’d like to see a few more collars and a little less facial hair and beanie/ball caps…)

But there’s just something about a man in a suit. I don’t mean all the time, definitely not. Eugch, how pretentious. But for church, dinner, weddings, concerts, date night… mmm.

The husband wore all three pieces of his grey pinstripe wedding suit to the winter weddings, with a navy top coat, a soft scarf, and a great fedora we found at the Rack for the inclement weather. And guess what? It wasn’t retro, it wasn’t stuffy, it wasn’t old-man chic… he looked like his clothes were made to complement a man’s body rather than slouch over it. He looked like he loved what he was wearing. And —in my biased but well-deserved opinion— he looked damn good.


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