The slow and quiet fate of dumpster finds

Remember the giant box of needles the husband found in the recycling bin, back in November? Yesterday, as the holiday debris started to clear out of the living room, I realized the box wasn’t there anymore. Come to think of it, it wasn’t there through any of the brunches or dinners-for-two or sprawling card sessions, or anything.

See, a while back, I resolved to refrain from adding a weekly update called “The Misadventures and Mishaps of the Orphaned Needles” or maybe “Needle Me This: 101 Craft Projects for Your Left-Over Medical Waste.” I didn’t think the husband could take it.

He called all over the place, trying to be a Good Samaritan and find a needle exchange program to responsibly, properly dispose of this stuff in the safest way. Turns out, no one wants you to do that. Finally he *did* find a Red Cross representative who snapped at him caustically, and listed off the 10 conditions that must be met to dispose of medical waste (in a hard plastic container no larger than this or smaller than this, only delivered to the drop-site on a Tuesday in March when the early dandelions bloom and the Senate is in agreement)… and even *then* he couldn’t find someone to take his needles. It was all very sad and very frustrating.

So when I realized the giant box of needles was no longer with us, of course I was delighted! “Oh good! You figured it out! What did you do with them?”

“Tossed them back in the dumpster.”

Oh. Oops. Well, I guess we can always take in that poor motherless desk in the alley. Surely someone knows how to refinish it…

R.I.P., Giant Box of Needles.

R.I.P., Giant Box of Needles.


2 thoughts on “The slow and quiet fate of dumpster finds

  1. My sister volunteers for a needle exchange program up in Seattle. Should this happen again, let me know and I’ll find out from her what needs to be done. 😀

    • Gah! Should have sent out an all points to potentially knowing people. (Side note: the husband was just *a touch* panicked that I mentioned him throwing them back in the trash. Convinced we’re getting in trouble if someone reads this and finds out…. totally not true, right?)

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