Weekend in Review

Man! So much good stuff last weekend… I am totally behind. 

Friday: Mom’s reading at Kings. She was amazing. There was a larger group in the audience than usual, and a wonderful array of poets and poems at the open mic. And no matter how nervous she was to read (after about 5 years since the last time she was the Feature Reader… 5 years in which time she earned her masters and has completed a really beautiful thesis collection of poetry), her performance was as polished as ever. Sure, call me biased. But I grew up in the back rows of poetry readings, and I have heard my mom’s work, and all other kinds of voices over and over on many occasions, and I really do think I’m old/experienced enough now to manage a fair supply of discernment, thank you very much. And the point is, as a poet, she seems to be a story-teller first, a teacher second, and the rest is a mix of reporter, botanist, cultural scientist, and professional audience member. Reading my mother’s poetry, I always learn something new—about her or about the world.

momandclaraSaturday ayem: Went with mom to one of her former writing student’s 95th birthday. Clara is not a sweet old lady, but she is always nice to me and she taught me to make lefse when I was eight. She told us a great story she heard from one of her own aunts: Imagine a Marx Brothers movie, with a swinging door and 4 courses of a festive meal carried by 4 women in high heels and aprons. We were in stitches! … and I wondered why I’m always reaching for a story. Real life is usually more entertaining.

Now Playing at Lakewood Playhouse

Now Playing at Lakewood Playhouse

Saturday peeyem: Met Kanary (Ha!) to see Greater Tuna at Lakewood Playouse, and just *barely* squeezed into the sold out house. It’s a short run (over on Jan 18th), and it’s worth a visit. It’s a two-man show (the men question being the Managing and Associate Managing Artistic Directors of the theatre) with about 20 characters. They’re all residents of Tuna, Texas, a fictional, satirical town where the Snatch Committee is all for burning books, and the Tuna Humane Society wants you to help save a duck.

Sunday: Sunday Brunch with a bunch of the band gang, some work on my new cross-stitch project, band rehearsal, and—thanks to Netflix—the husband and I took the Big Plunge into the second season of Battle Star Galactica. My cat hates me now for squeezing her too hard during all those back-and-forth-three-guns-pulled close-ups.

Ok, I promise that’s all the really boring stuff for awhile.


One thought on “Weekend in Review

  1. Yay for Tuna, Texas! A fellow actress that I worked with on God’s Favorite (years ago at Renton Civic), Aya, is in that play. She seems to be having fun, glad to hear it’s a good show! 🙂

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