Found: Undeserved Hangover

Are you missing a hangover you clearly deserve? I found this Underserved Hangover at the intersection of Alarm-clock and Turned-the-light-on. It’s not mine, but it followed me to work this morning.

Identifying marks: Headache, light sensitivity,  compromised balance, and questionable fashion choices. Is not afraid of caffeine and ibuprofen but shows classic craving for greasy hash-browns or dry toast.

This undeserved hangover answers to “Sympathy Hangover” and “What did I do?” when called.

If you are looking for this hangover, please contact me immediately. I want to return it to the rightful owner as soon as possible, as it is clearly, demonstrably homesick and irritable.

No reward necessary. Please.


One thought on “Found: Undeserved Hangover

  1. Hey I found a few of those hangovers too recently. Trying to do some self evaluation that lasts longer then my hangover! We will see how it goes! I hope the rightful owner steped up for you!

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