Me and my gal(s)

Last night was a good reminder that a “change in plans” —expected or un—can be a very good thing. (Warning: This is a feel-good girl-talk story. And in its wake, I’m feeling particularly parenthetical today. So be careful of those. They’ll getcha.)

While I had every good intention of going to Wednesday Zumba (last Monday was my first time to the gym since Christmas! Yikes!), A & T, two of my Tacoma girls (listed in this order for obvious reasons) and I decided to check out a Love Tacoma event. (Sorry Zumba. But I’ve missed all the other events so far, and last night was at a fairly new place we’ve all been meaning to visit: Maxwell’s Speakeasy & Lounge on the corner of St. Helens and South 7th. So you see why I had to do it.)

As it turns out, we missed this Love Tacoma Happy Hour by about 30 minutes (Note to self: Pleeeease by datebook and use it. Concerning recent brunches, conversation groups, meetings, and concerts, seem to be mastering art of “justmissedit” even more than usual). I therefore had ONE glass of wine for TEN dollars. That’s the cheap by-the-glass stuff at the top of the list. (It was good, but still!)

I’ve seen A & T pretty often over the last few holiday months, but usually in a crowd, and usually with a lot of other conversation distracting us all. That is, I know “what’s going on” in their lives, but I don’t really know what’s going on with them. With one glass of wine and two refills on water, we managed to completely miss the passing of over three hours. We took turns at dispensing and absorbing advice, sympathy, encouragement, and morbid curiosity about each other’s jobs, mothers, siblings, husband’s, birthday plans and resolutions, creative endeavors and go-too sob-fest movies (Emma, Return to Me, Beaches… all those “No, honey, I won’t make you watch it again” movies).

And all three of us cracked at least once (not nearly enough napkins). Ok, so I cry all the time, but usually not in public (without a good reason)… So. We decided the unbidden mascara streaks were a sign that we need this kind of outlet a little more often.

It’s important to check in. It’s important to know where my contemporaries—my friends—are going, and how they plan to get there, and if I can come along for a visit, or if I can pitch a ladder down if I’m already halfway there. I forget, but sometimes I really need someone to say to me, “it’s ok,” and I need someone that needs me to say it back. At least every couple of weeks or so.

Thanks girls. It turns out I what I really needed was (ready for it?) a little T & A time. (heh.)


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