Early Bird gets Gluten Free Goodies at Corina Cake Bakery

The Tacoma News Tribune ran this article last week, detailing several Tacoma restaurants that meet the “growing demand” for gluten-free menus.

Tasty! And (sometimes) Gluten-free!

Tasty! And (sometimes) Gluten-free!

The bulk of the story profiled Woody’s on the Water, which I’ve yet to visit, but hear glowing reviews from The Boss for delicious vegetarian fair.

Among the other listed celiac-friendly Tacoma eateries, I was particularly delighted to see Corina Cake Bakery, located on South 6th Ave and Fawcett, around the corner from The Grand.

I walk past their pretty stenciled windows almost every morning on my way into work. Their equally pretty little sandwich board on the sidewalk boasts a new “special” treat everyday… blackberry scones with zesty lemon icing, triple chocolate cream cake, pumpkin bread… I read them all eagerly, cast a glance through the glass to all the cheerful morning-meeting folks enjoying their scones, and keep on going. Until now!

This morning, I happily swerved right off my wistful path, and jangled through the door into warm, fresh-baked air. About 8 people were already there, chatting, drinking coffee, and breathing in the two large pans of fresh-cut brownies cooling on the glass counter top.

Molly, behind the counter, was very sweet and helpful. I told her that I read about their “menu extension” in the TNT, and she assured me that yes, they always try to have at least two gluten-free products in the bakery case. This may not seem like much, but to those of us who have gone without any cake, cookies, muffins, scones, croissants, or brownies in years, or worse, have been continually disappointed by gluey, grainy, lumpy homemade or commercially packaged substitutes… Corina is a potential goldmine!

Today’s gluten-free goodies were quinoa cookies (hm!) and an orange zesty cupcake with what looked like butter-cream frosting. Or it least, they had been. “Someone came through early” and bought up all the quinoa cookies, said Molly. Oooh. Now, I’m really intrigued.

I decided to pass on the orange cupcake today, seeing as it was only 9 am, and bought instead a delicious americano (Valhalla Coffee again… they’re everywhere!) and one of those lemon-iced blackberry scones for The Boss.

Apparently, this place has already been scouted, and it might be best to get there early. “But we definitely take pre-orders,” for cakes and other goodies, says Molly. “If I know you’re coming, I can make sure we have something for you.”

I think I just met my new best friend…  and my birthday is just around the corner…

P.S. The newly remodeled Corina Bakery has already had lots of local interest and press! Read more here and here,  or feast your eyes on delicious photos by Kevin Freitas!


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