Theatre Northwest: Tacoma’s New Professional Theatre Group!

Hey everyone! Did you know we have a brand new professional theatre group in Tacoma? Did you know they have a show opening next week at Theatre on the Square downtown?

Theatre Northwest presents “The Final Toast”
February 13–March 1

finaltoastA Northwest premier! The Gala Opening on Friday, February 13 will include a reception with the playwright, Stuart Kaminsky. Kaminsky is an Edgar Award-winning and Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Author.

Be sure to check out the special Valentine’s Dinner package… a Moroccan Feast, a mystery, and a “final” champagne toast!

All performances at Theatre on the Square. Tickets $22 and $34. Call 253.591.5894 or 1.800.291.7593 or order online.

The important parts

The group: Theatre Northwest has an attractive website ( with all kinds of information. Cruise around and read their blog, see the 2009 season, look at costume sketches, meet the resident staff (directors, designers, technicians, and actors), and BUY TICKETS.

The show, “The Final Toast”: [From the website] Author Stuart Kaminsky tells the tale of one of literature’s most famous detectives: Sherlock Holmes. In a witty, imaginative story filled with twists and unexpected surprises, Detective Holmes unravels a murder only to find himself the unwilling target of the killer-at-large. Along with the aid of his loyal and inquisitive companion, Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes uses his masterful power of deduction to make a nebulous situation seem “simply elementary.” The Final Toast is an exciting new take on the classic characters of fiction we know and love, and its ending will please even the most savvy mystery connoisseurs.

The press: The News Tribune ran a nice article by Rosemary Ponnekanti about Theatre Northwest last week. Lots of good information here, about the group, its founding members, and the Tacoma theatre scene.

The commentary

There’s a lot I could say about all this. The first being: “It’s about time someone had enough passion, faith, and skilled experience to tackle professional theatre again in Tacoma.”  And the second: “They will also need all the support they can get to survive and thrive.”

The production staff is talented; some of them have been involved in Tacoma theatre for decades, on a paid—and much more often, volunteer—basis. The cast is made up of some of the best local actors we have. The story is good. And the sets are gorgeous.

I have, in fact, been down to their warehouse in Kent a couple nights this week, painting and cutting and sweeping, and all the other stuff a mostly unskilled volunteer can do to let someone with real skillz do what they need to do. If I had the wherewithal, I’d cut a big fat check. Since that’s not an option, I’m paying my dues in sweat equity. And that’s the thing… as an actor in Tacoma, and a frequent audience member, I really think it is due.

Anyone who works this hard to make my community better, to support my passion and my faith in the unique power of theatre to teach, inspire, and unite… well, they deserve whatever support I can manage.

I really can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this first production. It’s like the first spring daffodil… a single, beautiful blade poking through the frozen ground that could be the herald of a wash of vibrant color in time. But it can’t be trampled. It can’t be plucked. It has to be nurtured… which means that first it has to be noticed.

So let’s get the word out!


There’s a new theatre group in town, and they’re going up next week!

…See you at the theatre!


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