On the Rink

Remember that particular aroma that engulfs you on opening the door of a skating rink? It’s been over 10 years since I’ve been in a rink… but that singular rubbery, warm, dusty linoleum scent was the first thing I thought of on the way to the Auburn Skate Connection for my niece’s 9th birthday party this afternoon. I used to frequent the Auburn rink at least twice a month from 3rd through 7th grades, and when the husband and I pushed open that same door, I was not disappointed.

So many kids, so many parents trying to corral kids on and off the rink, wonderfully bad music, the huge wall of different Laffy Taffy flavors… and that smell. Mmmmm. I didn’t realize how much I missed it all!

Hanging with my sisters at the rink...

Two big sisters and a niece.

Pregnant SisterMeghanne– one of the former reigning champs of Girls Speed Races, ages 10 to 12–is temporarily off the rink for obvious reasons, so we visited with her and SisterMargie by the snack bar for a while.

Banana (not the taffy flavor, but my niece’s nickname from her mom) got a great pair of “real figure skating” skates for her birthday, “only worn once in a tournament!” We watched her flying by at full-tilt-medium speed,  hair and legs flailing after her, zipping across the shiny boards with her friends and my older niece.

But eventually, I just couldn’t be a spectator any longer. Sure it’s been over 10 years since I laced up a pair, but you just can’t fight the siren smell of dusty linoleum, warmed by the constant stopper friction of shaky beginners. Even the husband got in on the action!

Banana shows us how it's done!

Banana shows us how it's done! Please note the uh-MAY-zing almost new skates.

And the girls were very helpful… they held our hands as we teetered and tottered around and around, and tried to remember how that used to go.

It may not look like it, but I *totally* remembered how it went.

Why is the Reverse Skate so much harder?

On our own for Couples Skate... why is the Reverse Skate so much harder?

Come to think of it, my own fancy white figure skates (with hot pink wheels and laces, even!) are still at mom and dad’s house…


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