Coffee in Downtown T-Town, Part 2: Choice

Note: This Tacoma coffee discussion is a necessary two-parter, even as it pertains to my little corner of town, and my little preferences. You know how it is.

I work in DT Tacoma on Pacific Avenue, and most mornings (I aim for 4 of 5) I walk the 30 minutes down the hill from our place in Stadium. I love the walk for a lot of reasons: For one, 30 minutes moving in the fresh air is bound to prevent office-chair-spread, right? Right? But mostly, I love the chance to wander around my neighborhoods, my parks, my town.

Even better for starting my day, the opportunities for in-transit caffeination in the Tacoma Center are plenty and varied. Which you must have… because we all know: No matter how delicious the drip at one place, they just can’t make that mocha you love from that other place down the block. In three years of walking 30 minutes from varied digs in Stadium to DT-Tacoma on Pac Ave, I have definitely staked out my favorite drinks at each of my en-route shops.

The Morning Glory spicy chai latte at BlackWater tops my list, hands-down. I never don’t want one. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the chai in stock, which kills me when I’m craving it. It’s only *that* much sweet enough, and those crazy-good spices give me the hiccups every time. Man! I love that stuff. They also used to carry it at the Kickstand (RIP).

In firm second place, plain old, unsugared americanos with a splash can’t be beat at Satellite. Their painstaking care for each pull is not always convenient for a pre-work stop, but the unadorned flavor, the smooth crema, and that heavenly smell… always worth the wait.

After BlackWater and Satellite, the rest are pretty interchangeable. Whether I push through one of their doors depends on: 1) how late I’m running; 2) how long the line looks from outside; and 3) what sounds good when I’m passing by. That is, I know they make something that I like, and I know can count on that one good drink.

* Basic and tough-to-mess-up non-fat latte with one sugar at Corina’s or Buy the Cup (at Stadium Thriftway)
* Café au lait at Starbucks (no, I will not call it a “misto”)
* Skinny cinnamon dolce at either of the two Tully’s


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