Priming the pump

The main reason I started this blog was to force myself to write everyday. Optimistic, no? But not completely out of reach.

The rationale was as follows:

I would not use the blog as a straight up journal, but as something someone unrelated to me might actually care to read.

Intentionally writing for a broader audience (even a hypothetical and potential audience, as it inevitably is) would then make me Responsible to that audience.

A feeling of Responsibility would encourage good writing behaviors:

  • Technically
    (Closer attention paid to eliminating typos, crafting a structured story, enlivening boring run-ons, etc.)
  • Creatively
    (Don’t analyze, just write somethinganything—a word, and then go with it… you’ve got to put something up there this week.)

The primary sense of Responsibility to my potential and hypothetical audience who is not related to me would be accompanied by:

  • A sense of Encouragement
    (It’s out there now… someone is likely to read it, and they might come back if they like it)
  • A sense of Accomplishment
    (Well done, you! You’ve written at least three not bad things this month!)

These primary and secondary feelings (Responsibility, Encouragement, and especially Accomplishment) would then surely lead to what is perhaps the most wished for outcome in this endeavor: Motivation to write other things.

Plus, blogging looked like fun from the outside looking in.

Since I started this blog 3 months ago, the entries have sort of trickled down into a comfortable and fairly regular thrice-weekly kind of thing. I’m happy with that. It’s almost a set schedule, which is something I’ve decided will help me immensely with my writing.

And you know what? In addition to the entries posted here, these last three months have been increasingly productive. Letters, new poems, and even more a continued motivation (there it is!) to really craft the ones I already have. It’s pretty exciting, y’know? The last couple years have been an odd series of dry spells where no words will come, each followed in time by a sudden flash flood of sensory overload which must be set down right now.

And lately? I just feel more in control of that internal weather. Almost like I can call the rains. Almost.


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