Our First (married) Valentine’s Day

We didn’t get each other cards for Valentine’s Day this year. We didn’t even make any real plans at all. Our first V-Day as a married couple should have been a little more intentionally romantic, right? Champagne and roses, and a picnic spread, and all that? Naaahhh. It was impromptu and perfect.

(What follows is a bit of a journaling entry, so if such things bore you, best to skip it. Just giving you the option now.)

I had a callback in Seattle for an indy film, so drove in with the husband for his rehearsal at Seattle Center. The Timing Gods were on our side, and we met up for a romantic Valentine’s lunch at Sushi Land. Food that rotates towards you, for deliciously low prices, while you sip a diet coke and snuggle at your side by side chairs… doesn’t get any more romantic than that, friends! We strolled through Silver Platters, laughed WAY too loud at the Muppets rendition of “Oh Danny Boy” broadcasting through the store, and parted ways for the husband to finish his rehearsal period.

So it took an hour and a half longer than planned. No big… I just stuck the earphones in and hiked around Queen Anne till it got to cold to be outside. Back in T-town, we randomly decided to stop by Paddy Coynes for dinner, and ran into our college theatre prof (and good friend) and his wife, who we haven’t seen in about a year. And, as they admit, they *never* get out! So good to see them. And THEN, over meatloaf and shepherd’s pie– not 5 minutes after I mentioned it was too bad we were on the wrong night for live music–a fiddler and penny-whistle player came in, set down, and started musicmaking at the next table over.

Finished out the night with the sad and sweet little jewel of a movie, “Lars and the Real Girl.” Haven’t enjoyed such a well-crafted, contained little story so much since “Waitress” a couple years back. And we both ended up misty-eyed and sighing with contentment at the end of the night.

What did I tell you? Perfect.


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