I never thought I’d be the kind of girl who thrilled at the sight of  serving-ware. But look what arrived yesterday!

Yes, I see that the middle image stamp is crooked, and nope, I don't mind a bit!

Yes, I see that the middle image stamp is crooked, and nope, I don't mind a bit!

It’s the “completion bonus” for our wedding china!

Until we get a chance to use it, this bowl will look just perfect in our china hutch, next to the other Blue Italian place settings, tea service, and giant salad bowl.

This may sound ridiculously girly, but the other contents of our hutch are exactly the reason we chose this particular pattern. For one, there is a beautiful indigo and white dinner plate from my great-grandmother’s (on my mom’s side) wedding china. I always loved the color of it, and Gram’s gave it to me–one of 5 surviving pieces–at my bridal shower. On the lower shelf, are the delicate pink and green and gold tea cups and saucers my paternal Grandma willed to my sister and me; it was always a special treat to drink our milk and hot cocoa out of those cups.

So when it came time to choose a pattern, the husband and I agreed that we wanted China, not just something practical for everyday. There’s a lot of memories to be made sharing meals at a table, after all. We really liked some beautiful gold rimmed set but fell in love with this “everyday” Spode pattern.

Like the husband so astutely said, the gold rimmed dishes looked like a very special,  important occasion. Our china though, “looks like Thanksgiving and Sunday dinner.” It looks like home.


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