Way of the Wayzgoose

Walked thru a few blocks of March rain to attend the 5th annual Wayzgoose at King’s Books this afternoon, and did not return home empty-handed!

According to the King’s website, “wayzgoose” is:  “the name of the annual feast given by a master printer for the staff of the press.  In modern parlance, it is an annual gathering of printers.” This particular gathering is annually timed to occur during March, “Small Press Month.”

What I love about (what I have seen of) the increased interest in and output of letterpress and small press projects is the wit that informs the art.  This was certainly true at the press stalls in Kings.  From the most traditional botanical and industrial motifs to the most agenda-driven slogans and logos, there was a definite wink and a nod on each broadside, each bookmark and card set. One of my favorite cards showed a black-ink horse head, a bright yellow light bulb floating above his head, and the old-timey letters below exclaiming “of course!”

elliott pressThis is one of those events that makes me wish I had spent more time on the presses and in the book arts room during my time as a printing and publishing minor at PLU. PLU’s Elliott Press apparently created the poster for this year’s wayzgoose, and some of the students art was tacked up to bookshelves between the tables.

Fortunately, one of the main objectives of the Tacoma wayzgoose is to spread the gospel of letterpress/small press technique. There are all kinds of opportunities to make a souvenir or two to take home, and the girls and I did exactly that! I made a commemorative post-card with pretty silver ink lettering, another postcard with linoleum cut of Mt. Rainier that reads “I love Tacoma,” and an embossed bookmark.

The best, of course, was courtesy of Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angle. He was manning a small, table-top press, and helped us to create our very own Beautiful Angle, Tacoma-centric art posters.

A&T show off their handiwork!

A&T show off their handiwork!


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