Love me, Love my Bullet

Latest news from newly married domesticity: I love the Magic Bullet.

I love the choice of blades and the small and large-sized blending capsules. I love the compactness of it, the heft in your hand when you spin that smoothie into being. I love the four cheapie plastic mugs (with lids optional) that transport said breakfast smoothies to parts unknown (i.e., my office and the husband’s rehearsals). I love the silly little color-coded “mouth guard” rings to be affixed for comfortable sipping when you reach your destination (I always choose yellow).


But wait... there's more!

But wait... there's more!

I haven’t figured out the use of those perforated lids yet… the husband suggested salad dressings? And I’m sorry to disappoint, but those classy marble slabs are not included in your starter kit.


True, a lot of the same functions and resultant deliciousness can be whipped up in the blender or the food processor. And true, it’s not ideal for large amounts of pretty much anything. But two single things make up for all this:

1) It’s crazy easy to clean. I never worry about my fingers getting sliced and there’s no teensy crevices where food can surreptitiously sour and leak into other recipes.

2) There are no options. No confusing array of buttons and dials with 1 to 3 functions apiece (what is the difference between the mechanical pressures of whip and frappe anyhow?). You screw on the blade and you press it in and the bullet does it’s thing. All you have to do is listen and watch for the right consistency. While this may seem like a lack of automation and options to others, I am thrilled by the bullet’s unabashed simplicity in the potentially scary realm of kitchen electronics.

Even though this gentlemen casts more than an aspersion or two at my new favorite kitchen appliance, I am so grateful to another newly-married, not-terribly-adroit-in-the-kitchen girl who convinced me to add it to our registry. “You have to get it. You’ll love it. Just wait.” Not necessary, friend.

I love my Magic Bullet. I love that it really is as seen on TV and I adore the fact that its name sounds just a little dirty.

“Honey, do you want to use the Magic Bullet this morning?” I always do.


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