Easter Weekend 2009: All My Families

He is risen!
He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Happy (belated) Easter, everyone! I hope that this weekend was a blessed celebration and refresher of your faith… faith in the miracle of God’s love and faith in the blessing of family, however you make it.

As is the designated lot of married 20-somethings with no kids and at geographically close family, we spent another “12-hour Easter” with an assorted collection of our various families at various venues. And because it’s family, the husband and I also covered all the various emotions for the day — joy, nostalgia, frustration, forgiveness, irritation, resignation, friendship, disbelief, delight, and yes, lots and lots of love.

The Tacoma Church Family
It was really wonderful to follow the holy week activities with good friends at our newly-joined church. After a Post-Easter Vigil Wine & Cheese visit the night before, these members of the St. Marks group were admittedly a little sleepy at the 8:30 am Easter service… but look how color coordinated they are!


The Auburn Family
Went to Mom & Dad’s for breakfast, then over to SisterMeghanne’s picnic at the park. That’s right, even in the rain, my preggers sister would not be deterred from Easter in the Park. “It’s spring! It has to stop raining!” Uhmmm….

Dad and his sons-in-laws… enjoying the gorgeous Washington Spring weather.


Banana refused to go home and change into dry clothes.


Parks and slides are soooo much more fun with giant puddles!

The Auburn Family, extended

Mom and I made pot roast, coleslaw, green beans w/bacon, strawberries w/fresh whipped cream, and coffee cake to cart over to Gram’s house for the big meal. (And I actually paid attention and tried to learn how to make a decent roast!)

It's made with fresh bunnies.

It's made with real bunnies.

About half of the extended family made a showing and AuntK brought a traditional Easter bunnycake!

Her son pointed out that this particular bunny has seen at least 30 Easters of bunnycakes already. 🙂 Waste not, yes?

The Hawaii Family, not pictured
Finally, back in our Tacoma apartment after the movable Easter feasting, the husband called home to Hawaii. We haven’t seen them all since the wedding in August, and the husband definitely gets a little homesick, especially around the holidays. It makes me really appreciate that at least my family is so close… even when holidays are so complicated and borderline chaotic and multi-locational, it is nice to have the choice to see them.

Anyways, we all had a nice long talk. After all, my family is newly expanded! After a lifetime as the youngest, I have two “little sisters” now… crazy. And there’s all kind of news in their respective worlds… weddings and finding “the dress,” graduation and finding “the school”… so many good things to keep up with!


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