Taking My Own Advice

Today, I’m counting Blessings. Some of them I had something to do with, and most of them just happened. Beginning with an earlier-than-midnight bedtime last night, I am so pleased to report the following series of fortunate events.

1) Woke up with the alarm this ayem at 7:30… rather than in rousing protest of it and repeated—abusive—slamming of the snooze button.

2) Rather than just going straight to work early, I took myself out for coffee. And wrote. I have three pages of one-off, rambling, mid-range stuff from a single hour in a coffeehouse this ayem, and it feels pretty darn good. Strike that. Actually, it was beautiful. I may make this more of a habit.


Men In Heels

Men In Heels

3) Round about noon, I looked out the window from the 16th floor vantage on 12th & Pacific onto what appeared to be a stream of protesters. Nope, just men in heels, sashaying about, some with boas and fancy hats, some in all-out drag, and a majority in cargo shorts and slacks, rolled up at the ankles to showcase their stilettos of choice.

They were “Walking a Mile in Her Shoes” to raise funds for the Sexual Assault Center in Pierce County. Thanks to all of you!


4) Inspired by the well-heeled walkers mentioned above, I decided to stroll out to Frost Park to see the art at the Friday Lunchtime Chalk-Off Challenge. (See pics at Kevin Freitas’ website) Beautiful colors! A sense of actual downtoan community! Chalkers in the sun! Small kids “casting their votes”! Niiiice.

5) Since I came in early, and since I came in for a couple hours on my day off, and since it’s so glorious outside today, I am outta work early for future wanderings in the sun. Ahhh.

6) Later this evening, surprise birthday shenanigans for an overworked friend.

And those are all good things that made me happy today. Amen!


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