100 Posts!

Wow! I feel like I should pop a little sorghum beer in celebration!

100 posts since I embarked on my little blogging venture waaay back in November of ought-eight. THIS post actually numbers 101. These important milestones can get away from you if you let them.

So far, of those 100, I am pleased to report that a quick scan of my handy blog stats reveals that MOST of those posts are about goings on in Tacoma. A close second is comprised of random, enlightening (to me), and completely bewildering (again, to me) moments in newly-wedded-near-bliss. Stuff about poetry and those entries in which I am convincing myself to just write somethinganything — one THE main goals of this blog, after all– have also made a strong showing so far.


I am disappointed in myself, however, to note there is not a single thing about mermaids.

This should and will be remedied in the future.

Starting now.  Here in my 101st post.

Onward, to the next hundred!


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