The Lingerie Romantic

What kind of “Lingerie Personality” are you?

Wait, wait…. First off, did you know there was such a thing as a “Lingerie Personality?” Well then — and I say this with a mixture of amusement and slight chagrin, since I *am* at least 2 parts self-professed girly-girl” — you’re a kitten-heeled, maribou-trimmed step ahead of me!

My friend Cindy had a post about this quiz from about her “Lingerie Personality.” (And yes, I shall continue with the quotes to indicate lasting amusement with said indicator of my character.) She felt the quiz was right on, dubbing her “The Lingerie Olympian” … which, oddly enough, has nothing to do with endurance, strength, competitiveness or gold medals. At least not for most of us.   romantic

So anyways, of course I had to take the quiz.

“The Romantic needs to be wooed with candlelight, poetry, and of course, beautiful lingerie. She loves soft, flowing chiffons, luxurious silk and exquisite lace so she can look wondrously beautiful while she listens to your romantic words.”

Hmmm. Well, It’s no Meyers-Briggs of the panty-drawer… but of all of the seven “Lingerie Personalities” (that’s right, I said seven!), I guess it’s probably the closest.

And shoot, who doesn’t like being “wooed” while lounging about in candlelight, looking “wondrously beautiful” ?

Only one question remains that wasn’t included in the quiz:

Who would win in a fight: The Romantic or The Olympian?

Look out, Cindy…. me and my “wondrous beauty” are gonna kick your ass!


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