5 Days till 2 Weeks!

I have been so good, you have no idea.

I have not kept a countdown. I have not started mentally checking out at work. I have not ceaselessly slipped “well, when we’re on vacation…” into  every conversation — at least not into conversations that didn’t truly warrant it (scheduling discussions for friends, family, and band-mates withstanding). So, really, I think I’ve just about earned it, now…


5 days till Hawaii!

One work-week (minus today!) between me and 17 days on Oahu! Yayayayayayayayay!

We’re going to visit the husband’s family and celebrate TheYoungestEmily’s high school graduation… we haven’t seen them all together in one place (except for SisterMaria, who’ll be teaching in Chi-town during the festivities, boo ) since the wedding 9 months ago.

Having family so far away continues to be pretty foreign to me… I start to feel disconnected when I haven’t talked to or seen my parents or my sisters (most them live 30 minutes away) in over a week. Meanwhile, the husband’s been in a completely different state for just about 10 years now, seeing his immediate family about twice a year and the extended family much, much less… which kind of blows my mind to think about. (Holidays and bi- or tri-monthly family dinners at my Grams’ average about 15 aunts, uncles, cousins, and nieces… at minimum).

So it’s another learning point… understanding how the husband has dealt with the distance, encouraging him to call and email more often (HawaiiFamily: I’m trying, I really am!), and absolutely catching his palpable excitement whenever a real, live, in-person visit starts to get closer on the horizon.

Usually when he gets to “go home,” we spend a lot of time being tourists, sure… but the best parts are always standing around in the kitchen, running errands, eating dinner en masse (I’ve almost got the very short but lightening-fast family table prayer by heart), going to church and out to meals, and just generally hanging around, being home, and being with people we love. Just normal family stuff, y’know? And — even as a newcomer– pretty quickly it gets to feeling like there’s no time-zone change or months in-between.

That all of this happens on a tropical island is, well… clearly, a definite perk.

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday, HawaiiFamily!

And yes, the countdown has begun.  And the daily forecast gawking…

Ahhhhhh, yes.

Ahhhhhh, yes.

But really, can you blame me?


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