Theatre & Poetry Events This Week/end: The Pilot Lands, Double-Shot Steams, and Tahoma Sees Its Shadow

There’s a lot going on in Tacoma this week, but don’t overlook these events! 

Sure, I get it — I completely understand that the following labors of love are not exactly what seems to be red-circle-fashionable on Tacoma’s social calendars these days. After all, they’re not acoustic indie bands, there’s no small-craft beer involved (directly), and there’s no tie-in to family gardening or sustainable living.

But these gigs ARE artifacts of our local (non-visual) arts community… and I think I could make you a pretty strong case for the ways each of the organizations behind these events nourish the mind and soul of our city. Or you could just go see what’s happenin.’  
We’d love to see you there.

POETRY! Local Poets read from Tacoma Anthology

Thursday 7pm at Kings Books TahomasShadow
This is a pretty sweet deal for some of us. Re-read the story behind the first-ever anthology of Tacoma poets, and then come to Kings. More than a dozen of your friends and neighbors–who also happen to be damn fine poets–will be baring their Tacoma-lovin’ souls. AND you can buy the book!

Psst: If you can’t make this week, there’s another reading at the downtown library on June 28th.

*     *     *      *    *

THEATRE! Northwest Playwrights Alliance Double-Shot Festival of New Plays

Friday & Saturday 7pm & 9pm at UPS
This is the fast and furious theatre version of the recent 72-hour Film Fest. And the collection of 10-minute plays aren’t just new… they’re written the night before, rehearsed in a matter of hours, and presented to you–the discerning and adventurous  consumer of new theatre–in their most emergent form, still fresh-picked and fragrant.
“The theatre artists are drawn from all over the Puget Sound Region: Seattle, Olympia, and of course, Tacoma,” said Northwest Playwrights Alliance President Brian Tyrrell. “These talented artists represent some of the best and brightest theatremakers that the Northwest has to offer.”
It’s called “Double-Shot” because everyone involved is just crazy enough to *repeat* the process… two shows for each lineup, Friday and Saturday. Directions here and Tix Info here.

*     *     *      *    *

American PilotTHEATRE! The American Pilot closing weekend at Harlequin Productions

Thursday thru Saturday 8pm at The State Theatre in Olympia
This is a surprisingly (in retrospect and in the moment) emotional production of another new work. An American pilot crashes down in an unspecified country at civil war, and each character he encounters has a different idea of what “doing the right thing” means.
The language drives this allegorical –and very timely play; it’s poetic in a way that signals both a profound difference in culture and an innate “sameness” in human nature. The actors handle it all so tenderly and with such gracious humor, and the look of it –the lighting in particular– seems to glow. One weekend left. Go see it.

Annnd, last but not least…

*    *     *      *    *

CABARET! Thursday 7:30pm at The Hub

Last Night: Horatio’s Cabaret Show at the Hub
From, “This exciting night of singing, dancing, and comedy is accompanied by heavy appetizers from The Harmon Hub. Find a table, buy a bottle of wine, and sink into a festive celebration of life. Tickets are $30/person, and include a fully produced cabaret night with heavy appetizers provided by The Hub. There will be one short intermission.”


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