Island Days: Hittin’ the Beach & Hidin’ the Burn

Greetings from Oahu! We landed on Sunday and are already two days into a lovely visit with family, ob-nox-iously beautiful (and hot!) weather, and the seemingly requisite second-day sunburn cultivation, maintenance, and futile attempts at concealment.

Seriously hot, people. Usually, we visit in January, in the New Year’s rainy season… at that time of year (as far as I can tell) the temperature usually rests comfortably in the high 70s, with showers. But in late May? Wowee. Gorgeous blue skies on the beach and in downtown Honolulu; up in Manoa Valley, the air has been “pretty still” lately, according to HawaiiMomB, but the surrounding hillsides are still an amazing panorama, bursting with green and pink and orange and sweet fragrant blossoms everywhere.

First Things First: Beach Time
Monday, the husband and I hit Ala Moana beach for a couple hours. Since it was Memorial Day, the place was definitely hoppin’, and with much more of a local family populace than the usual mid-week tourist count. That evening, there would be a lantern-floating ceremony to honor the dead and collectively pray for peace… we got to watch the rehearsal boats while we bobbed around in the ocean, re-acquainting our pale northwest skin with the joy and the incredible ease of floating in saltwater that isn’t as cold as ice-crusted mountain springs.

And yes, of course, a couple of hours turned out to be a couple too many.

Second Things Next: How to Gracefully Hide a Sunburn
There is no way to gracefully hide a sunburn. Especially one that looks like you’ve been ambushed by a strawberry spray gun… from 3 different –and very uneven– angles.

Girls don't sweat, they glisten... brightly.

There are, however, some decent ways to camouflage it.

Especially if you happen to have very long hair and a deep-rooted mermaid-complex. Convincing, no?

Burn? What burn?No?  ….ok, maybe you’re right. Besides, that is a rather ridiculous pose to keep up while still remaining carefree and mobile.

Which is why, for an late-morning walk around the HawaiiFamily’s neighborhood, I opted for the more convincing insouciance –and inherent glamour, of course!– in an age-old combination for any and all concealment needs.

Why, dahling, I simply prefer to remain anonymous.

1.  Chic hat w/ large brim and no fussy details.
Provides le mystere without le “what the heck?”

2.  Large sunglasses.
A staple– ask any celebrity for the last 75 years.
Wear them inside for additional eccentricity.

3. “Grandma in Mexico” floaty blouse.
Emilie’s personal addition.
Pulls all attention to bright stitchery. (May also
be accomplished with a boldly patterned scarf.)
* Also practical: no itchy seams to irritate burn.

Et voila! The perfect disguise for even the most unevenly, irresponsibly-burned touriste.

Nothing to see here folks… but go ahead and try.


One thought on “Island Days: Hittin’ the Beach & Hidin’ the Burn

  1. I managed to get a tan in Oahu with lvl 50 spf sunscreen. The sun is so strong there! I hope your burn goes away quickly ! Much love! xo

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