Blender Bliss Blunder

For today’s post, I’m calling on my own inner Bridget Jones-y “BlunderWoman.” It seems apropos. 

Oh, joy, am culinary goddess this ayem, in manner of stoic and sensible Julia, or even the nonsense-babbling but annoyingly charm-sprinkled Rachel. Particularly pleased with post-vacation adherence to healthy breakfast (breakfast at all, really). It is simply too, too easy to sink into depression over state of empty fridge (no time yet to re-stock) and reach for semi-sweet baking morsels and stale tortilla chips (…. ooh! Have we got any of those left?)

No, no, no, much more responsibly reached into freezer for flash frozen local produce. Must remember in near summer future to purchase all vegetation from sun-burned teenagers at Farmers Market Carts. (Better still, might even plant flat-terrace garden. vines! Trees! A Trellis over the sliding glass door! Have sneaking suspicion that sheer power of will might green-up my infamously black thumb this July).

Healthy morning sustenance intake:
2 frozen peaches, 3 ginger bits (very good for digestion and stimulating the circulation), 1 teaspoon peanut butter, and 1 cup milk (yes, mum, it
is good for the bones).

Time spent to prepare delicious, healthy, and socially-conscious breakfast drink:
7 minutes.

Time spent sopping up tipped over mug and distressingly vomit-colored peach-delicacy from  desk, shelves, chair, own jeans-bottom and blouse-edge, and carpet at work:
10 minutes.


Thanks, BlunderWoman.


3 thoughts on “Blender Bliss Blunder

  1. You. Are. Awesome!! 🙂 Love this post, I might have to copy this style sometime…giving you full credit for inspiration of course!

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