Speaking of Time… Can’t Wait!

THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE is coming to the big screen this August!

The "I can't believe it's a first novel" novel.

The "I can't believe it's a first novel" novel.

The novel by Audrey Niffenegger was so beautifully crafted and written– a romantic, literary tale that streaks seamlessly through a sci-fi conceit and rests solidly on the sloping shoulders of characters that grow and change, and really earn your affection and concern.

I could give you a plot summary, but truly–the simple title tells you exactly what you’re getting. A man who travels through time. A woman who loves him enough to marry him. The only other things you need to know is that he can’t help it and she knows that.

(If you want more, here’s a nice blog entry about it and an interview with the author.)

Now, if you haven’t read it, think about doing so before you see the movie in a few months.

See, I’ve been waiting for –that is, actually looking forward to– the movie version since I first heard it was in production, three years ago. And sure, I know, as with all book-to-screen transformation, I know I’m bound to be at least a little disappointed with the cuts and tweaks to make the story mass-moviegoer-ready.

But I’m hopeful.

For one, the magical-realism, cross-time storyline actually seems like a natural fit for the movies. And, for a potentially chaotic conceit of love-across-time, there are a very limited number of characters and locations, which should make it easier for the filmmakers to concentrate on the main story.

McAdams&BanaFor two, the movie has signed on Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams as the couple who meet again and again throughout their entire lives. Sometimes they know each other, sometimes they don’t, but always, they feel “like home” to the other.

As it happens, McAdams is one of my favorite “serious young actresses” on the big and small screens lately. Now I may be making this up, but it seems like you can always tell the “literate” actresses by their obvious comfort and ease in language that began as a literary work. After her work in Slings and Arrows, I have a feeling she’ll treat this project well.

And for three, I’m happy to see that the trailer looks remarkably faithful to the spirit and events of the story.

All good signs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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