Farewell, Extra Day. We hardly knew ye.

Exciting News! As of this week,  I am back to full-time at The Job!

After nearly 6 months of reduced hours (1 day less each week) and the subsequently reduced paycheck to go along with it, I am back up to the full 40. The Boss Lady finally convinced the Powers That Be that there was just too much work now and in the immediate fuuture for a reduced Communications staff.

The Pros
Easy and obvious: More Money. And, on the work ethics end of things, reduced hours actually made my time LESS efficient. When you have to leave a project in the lurch every week, there’s so much more work to review your notes, remember where you were, pick up loose ends, try to get responses from other people, and oh yes, actually do the task.

The Cons
No more Extra Day to do other things. I was getting pretty fond of the extra day, actually, particularly as the hot summer (hot hot hot! +90 today!) was starting to cry out for beach days. Then there’s just all my “extracurricular projects” that will have to be worked into the work day, once again. Today, for instance, I went into record a voice-over this morning in Seattle. Since I no longer have an extra day of liberty, I had to work late last night to cover the hour of absence.

Eventually, I think perhaps a four-day work week might be a really nice (semi)permanent situation for me. But for now, I gotta say I appreciate the regularity of the income. Talking it over the other night, the husband and I decided we were pretty proud of ourselves for making it through this rough time. We worked things out. We shifted priorities, he got a good job for between shows, and we really tried hard to take advantage of our time together, and sharing it with friends and family. And we made it! Go us.

And now that I’m back to normal hours and he’ll be going back to rehearsals in a month, well…. I’ll just have to remember to do like the rest of the workaday world and make the most of my summer evenings and weekends.


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