Match Points & a Summer Wedding

Let me go on record as stating my preference for the unmatched. That is, I love fashion that is coordinated, and that “somehow fits,” or that–even better!– takes a theme to the extreme. But more often than not, I eschew anything “matchy matchy” in preference for wearing all my favorite stuff at once, just cause it’s my favorite stuff.

Having known me since high school, IndieNic has seen my best and worst concoctions… his general comment is: “On anyone else? Ehn. But you can pull it off.” Highly flattering, I suppose, although I think the so-called ability to “pull things off” is mostly because I just “put things on.” Less a notable talent than an action, if you see what I mean.

However, there are times when the siren call of the match must be obeyed.

A fabulous matched and tailored suit is always in good taste, of course. But consider the small joys even a professed MixItUp girl feels for the unexpected match. The accidental match, unplanned for by designers and department store buyers. A perfectly mimicked pleat. The same fabric assortment used on purse and shoes. The exact color of a bracelet matched to a wide-ribbon trim. This is the match that says more about you than this spring’s obsession with nautical prints. It’s the “I gathered the pieces from near and far and look at how amazing they look together!” match.

So rewarding. Sigh. So anyways.

Yesterday, Kanarie and I beat the continuing heat in the air-conditioned cool of Nordstrom Rack. I wanted to celebrate my return to full-time employment with a teensy splurge, and Kanarie is one of the best bargain hunters I know. (Who would win in a sale-shopping fight: Kanarie or TheOtherEmilie? Yikes, tough call!)

I love to play a little shopping game for these kind of “unnecessary” shopping trips: You have 2 hours and $50, including tax… now go! I only buy things I simply adore when I shop like that, and the added bonus of virtuously sticking to a budget makes the final find all the more precious. You have to make that $50 count for something! And yes, when the perfect item refuses to present itself within the given time and budget guidelines, I do go home empty-handed, satisfied that I have avoided an impulse buy I might not love later.

As it happened, I spent under $35. Yay!

Now, when it gets to a close shopping decision between two items of equivalent price, I always seem to end up at this same internal (or external, given the right shopping partner!) conversation:

1) Shoes A are really cute and would be good for work.
I’ll be able to wear them with a lot of different things.
2) Shoes B are fabulous. I love them.
I will find places to wear them. I will make outfits for them.
3) Ok, so which do I buy?
The good-for-work factor or the obvious glam factor?

You can guess which one usually wins. And I really do make excuses to wear them!

Now, back to the matching.

The husband and I attended a wedding for his good college buddy last night, and I planned to wear a lovely satin ombre dress I bought in Honolulu when we visited earlier this summer. ( I heart Ross Dress For Less. Calvin Klein for $40.)

It wasn’t till I got home with my triumphantly glamorous new shoes that I realized how perfectly matched they were… just look! The satin! The pleating! The mixed browns!

Meant2B. Totes.

Meant2B. 4-ever.

And, as it happened, my brown & champagne satin was very nearly part of the wedding color scheme.

We’re usually anti-couple dressing, but I did appreciate how nicely it all complemented the husband’s groomsman vest and necktie. (All the fellas shed the wool jacket seconds after the hot outdoor ceremony!)

No, we actually weren't posing.

Now that’s a perfect match. (nyuk, nyuk.)

And just for fun, here’s a few more pics from the wedding (Thanks Andy!).

Talk about coordinated! The reception room was so gorgeous…

The Reception Room

Roses and candles and shrubbery! Oh my, yes.

…down to the tiniest little details!

The favor box, filled from the color-coordinated candy bar. Mmmm!

Favors from the color-coordinated candy bar. Mmmm!

Here’s the bride, walking down the aisle with her mother, in traditional Korean wedding finery.

Beautiful women, day, fabrics, smiles.

Beautiful women, day, fabrics, smiles.

Here are the fellas, hanging out at the head table. Roommates, gaming buddies, and good friends. And did I mention they’re all a buncha hams?

Aww. Man love at it's best.

Aww. Man love at it's best.

After dinner, our sunset view over Puget Sound was just breathtaking.

And finally, here’s the groom (in red) with all his PLU friends in attendance.

Cheers to Jesse & Anita! Congratulations and God Bless!
Cheers to Jesse & Anita! Congratulations and God Bless!

One thought on “Match Points & a Summer Wedding

  1. I love it all! The dress, the shoes, the pictures…it’s all beautiful and wonderful. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We love you guys too (and I’ll be seeing you at Ben’s party at the end of the month)!

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