“Aspirationally Attractive”

The husband got an audition call for a national commercial, where the talent was required to be “aspirationally attractive, intelligent, and confident,”

Aspirationally Attractive? Hmmm.

I know what an aspiration is. Assuming they aren’t talking about breathing (maybe breathtaking? nah), we can call it a hope or a dream, and maybe an attainable hope or dream.

Quick double-check with my handy Webster’s New World Dictionary: A strong desire or ambition, as for advancement.

Ah. The ambition part is big. Wanting to be better. So do they mean relate-able or “attainable” qualities and/or quantities of attractiveness, intelligence, and confidence? That is someone who I can hope to look like someday?

Hmm. Maybe it’s a marketing thing.

Well let’s see here. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, it is indeed a marketing term, and a pretty evil one at that. And totally opposite to the attainable thing.

Basically: Aspirational brands, products, or models present the audience with something they want, but can’t have. They will then be willing to pay even more for it.

Apparently, there are TWO kinds of audiences. People who CAN afford your product (the consumption audience… don’t even get me started on that term… plague, anyone?) and people who can NOT afford your product (the aspirational audience).

“An important characteristic of an aspirational product is that the part of its audience that is at present economically unable to purchase it, thinks of itself as having a fair probability of at a certain point in the future being able to do so.” So, the audience can’t have it. But just maybe, they think they can, maybe someday. Neener neener! (Read more marketing evilness here)

Hmm. So how do you cast that? Him! That man there! You’ll never be as handsome as him, never has his confidence or intelligence, either!! But I bet you think you can… MWAHahahahahahah! Silly silly aspirational audience.

Ok, husband. Think: “attainable… but not yet, not today. Maybe you can be as awesome as me.. later.” And knock ’em dead!


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