Postcard Poetry #2

Here’s the next batch of card-sized poems for Concrete Wolf’s Poetry Postcard project.

Sent: “Minerva Paints”
For a seaside town postcard…

Flowers mostly, trees
and waterscapes are the ways
my grandmother painted her life
lined her walls
framed and lovingly wrapped.
Sometimes a town
–steeples and skylines, stick straight
with driest aquarelles–
she never would paint the people.
My grandmother’s towns are clean, bright
fading beautifully into dusk.
My grandmother’s towns are no home
for drunken men, but for dogwood
iris, and the palest
English Rose.

Sent: Cape Disappointment
For a card of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in Ilwaco, WA.

Ilwaco. Wrap your tongue around it,
can you? The strange shapes of places
as they leave our mouths?
We keen and wail for the names
no one gave us
sweeter than sand on rock
and easier by far to spell. And still
we raise welts on our own tongues
blister our breath to speak those sounds
language confounded in the swell
of every broken, nameless wave.


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