NW Playwright’s Fest: The Short List, Thurs & Fri @ TLT

Last year, I strapped on homemade hairy armpits for the NW Playwright’s Festival of New Works–This year, acting in one of the 10-minute plays on the 2009 Short List won’t involve synthetic fur and a barbie doll.

At least not for me. You never can tell with the short works.
(Come on… who didn’t love the TaterTots?)


The 2009 Northwest Fest!

A festival of new works created from the rain-dampened brains of real, genuine Northwest Playwrights. The festival is well on its way, but there’s still lots of great new plays to see!

Tix are $10-14, unless otherwise noted
Contact Tacoma Little Theatre for more ticket info.

AUG 13 & 14
The Short List:
The Best Short (10-Minute) Plays of The Past Year

Showtime: Thurs 8/13 at 7:30 pm
Fri 8/14 at 8:00 pm

Stage: Tacoma Little Theatre

“Santa Fe” by Robert Caisley
Two men, a bottle of tequila, and a lifetime of mistakes.

“Exit, Chased By A Bear” by Sean Walbeck
Anything can happen on a camping trip to the woods.

“Last Call” by Lia Romero
A comedy about love in the final moments of life.
(This is me and the husband!)

“Off Book” by LaChris Jordan
A comedic look inside a rehearsal process.

“The Chore” by Nick Stokes
Family dynamics and what can’t be said at the end of life.

“Projectiles” by The 253 Collaborative
Performance poetry from the heart of Tacoma, exploring life, death, and everything in between.

AUG 15 & 16
Convention by Dan Erickson

Showtime: Sat 8/15 at 8 pm
Sun 8/16 at 2:00 pm

Stage: Tacoma Little Theatre

The story of four men who work for a box manufacturing company and who eat, sleep and work in the factory. As they become more daring, restrictions are placed on them by the company and the death toll mounts as they attempt to escape.

AUG 17
Reading: “The Florentine” by Jake Sherman

Showtime: Sat 8/17 at 7 pm

Stage: Origin 23 coffeehouse (Corner of Sixth and Union avenues, Tacoma)


Eddie Liebowitz, who believes himself a romantic Florentine, is noble, charming and quite mad. His son tries to help him confront the truth.

AUG 24
Reading: “The Greatest Plays Ever Written by Nick Stokes” by Nick Stokes

Showtime: Mon 8/24 at 7 pm

Stage: Origin 23 coffeehouse (Corner of Sixth and Union avenues, Tacoma)


A pairing of two plays, one set among the homeless in Tacoma’s Fireman’s Park, another about a man and woman snowbound in a Montana motel.


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