NW Playwright’s Fest: The Short List TONIGHT! 8/13

Come to Tacoma Little Theatre for a 7:30 curtain and see SIX NEW PLAYS in one night!
The Best Short Plays of 2009 showcase the best Tequila, Shakespearean bears, the worst rehearsal, a crash course in love, men with axes, and poetry for life.

Last night’s dress rehearsal was the first combined meeting of set pieces, sound and lighting cues, props, costumes, and, oh yes, many many actors for these six plays…. all in a pretty cramped backstage area.

It was really fun to see staged productions of several shows I’ve already seen/heard throughout the last year. See, each play presented on The Short List was written this year–many in a timed festival format like the DoubleShot–and produced as either a reading or the most minimally staged piece.

There are some wonderful actors involved, and I’m particularly excited for the inclusion of the 253 Collaborative–spoken word is its own kind of theatre. I love that the poets will get a chance to reach a new audience and that the Tacoma theatre-goers will get a chance to hear something different.

Come see the show!

Tacoma Little Theatre, 7 pm
Thursday 8/13 & Friday 8/14
Tix: www.tacomalittletheatre.org or 253-272-2281


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