Cybertext Newsletter: Awesome Tech Writing Resource

TheBossLady is so excited about this blog she just discovered: Cybertext Newsletter (at wordpress dot com). It’s a blog written by employees at Cybertext Consulting, a technical writing and online documentation firm… and man, does it have a lot of good stuff!

There’s all kinds of great tips for “savvy” Microsoft Word users (aka “power users,” aka “people who use it as an everyday tool for their work and get really frustrated by its bossy quirks”…ahem).

Bonus: They include tips for M-soft 2003 and 2009.

Here’s some that made us go “ooh!” in our little corner of the documentation world:

  • Limiting the styles users can see in a template
  • Quick view of orphaned content
  • TONS of keyboard shortcuts
  • Viewable presentations with tips for editing and reviewing User Interfaces

I’m gonna bookmark this one.



2 thoughts on “Cybertext Newsletter: Awesome Tech Writing Resource

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I laughed at ’employees’ — I’m a one-person operation, working from my home in the lush south-west corner of Western Australia. I use my blog as a ‘brain dumping ground’ for the things I find out how to do. Often it will be months or years before the same thing happens again, so this is my ‘memory bank’. Beats Post-it notes!


    • Oh, too funny! Well, our two-person Communications “department” is quite pleased to have an open pass inside your brain dump! We work on Macs, so some of the little tricks your mention are slightly altered, but we’ve found your tips to be a nice little starting place when we don’t have time to figure it out ourselves, or when the Word help isn’t so, er, helpful. So thank you from your small new audience in Tacoma, WA, and good luck!

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