Streetcar: How Big Is Your Head? Thiiiiiis big!

This morning I had my head swathed in saran wrap and scotch tape. That was right before my hairline was sketched on and right after multiple measurements were taken. Temple to temple. Ear to ear over forehead. Jaw to jaw behind neck. Etc.

UPDATE: A slightly expanded article can be found here;
I was invited to be a guest blogger.

It turns out that, apart from the saran wrap and tape part of it, wig-making is an art that has hardly changed since the Victorian era. “It’s one of those rare things that hasn’t gotten better with technology,” says Sarah, the costumer for A Streetcar Named Desire. **

Master wig-makers today take the same measurements they did 500 years ago. The saran/tape helmet is “nice additional information,” but it’s not the most important part. And at least for wigs made of human hair instead of synthetic fibers– the actual construction is largely the same too.

At the end of the month, a custom wig, shaped for my cranium will be plopped atop my head, and ready for vintage styling… I’ll be a blonde again! If only on stage.


** I get to play Stella! Hooray!
Come see A Streetcar Named Desire at Theatre Northwest in Tacoma! October! Dates and Info here!


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