I’ll Sail Away! In a Year or Two.

The Travel fund has begun!

Let it be known: Too many years have passed since the husband or I set foot on foreign shores. 7 years for me and 10 for him. This must be remedied. To that end, a Travel fund!

Travel with a capital T
and that rhymes with C
which stands for

Catchy, no?

Yes, there are lots of other expected and hoped for journeys in the next couple of years — SisterMaria’s wedding in Texas, return to Chi-Town to see the husband’s grad school friends, my “I’m-not-30-yet” Vegas trip to see Bette Midler before she retires, perhaps a family cruise, etc, etc — but those are more immediate expenses to be budgeted for in a shorter time frame.

And if we don’t start setting some cash aside for The Big Trip, we might never make it.

So I say again: The all-cash, separate-from-necessaries, Travel fund has begun!

Now, when I say “fund”… I mean whatever we can fit into this handsome fella!

If I can't see what's inside, I won't spend it on other necessities.

If I can't see what's inside, I won't spend it on other necessities.

And when I say “cash” I mean a combination of:

Regular bi-monthly  “donations” from each paycheck. These will be small, and will never be more than we’ll miss… say, the amount of a nice dinner out.

Change from small purchases. Operating on cash more often leaves me with the odd 5-er. In it goes!

Revenue from “additional work.” Most of (but not all!) the cash I get for my “second job,” like voice-over work, band-gigs, and theatre.

Any and all coinage smaller than a quarter. I know, isn’t much much. But I use the quarters for bus fair, and every little teensy, tinsy, heavier-than-its-worth bit helps!

In two year’s time (give or take a few months), we’ll see where we are and how far we can go. Current thoughts are drifting towards Greece, Turkey, a few Baltic States, and oh yes, maybe a side trip to Great Britain.

And why the heck not? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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