10-Year AHS Pseudo-Reunion Tonight!

Yowza… 10 years out of high school, people! I can’t make the *real* 10-year shindig tomorrow evening because they didn’t tell us soon enough, and I already had long-standing plans. Boo. (Ahem. It’s been three weeks since I heard, and I’m finally not really torqued off at the lack of organization and notification. See how calm? Ahhhhh.)

Anyway, there are a bunch of folks meeting up tonight at The Sports Page in Auburn. So, the husband and I are headed down to shoot some pool, nibble some nachos, and see if I remember people without the benefit of official shindig name tags. And of course, see if they remember me! It’s amazing how a girl’s hair length and color can throw people… and the guys– well, they were just babies when I saw them last! I think of how much the husband has changed since I met him when he was 19, and I wonder if I’ll recognize any of them!

I’m hoping some fun friends show up… the ones I spent lots of time with, but maybe wasn’t super close with. I still know all my of my core group, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to.

Also, as a back up, IndieNic (one of the core group–we met sophomore year at AHS) and TheOtherEmilie agreed to come too… if no one else we know shows up, at least we’ll all have a good time!

So… I think this pseudo-occasion calls for a little Summer ’99 reflection: I recall my 1999 Senior year as being a lot of fun… except for the time-consuming tasks of applying for colleges, taking SATs and researching scholarships, most of my hard work was finished by Junior year.

Classes were all my favorite things: 3rd-year French, Service Learning (where I volunteered at a retirement home everyday), Senior AP English with an independent poetry study (I got a 5 for my paper on Tess of the D’Urbervilles), Chamber Choir with private voice, and my 6th (and final!) year of cello in the Orchestra. I’m forgetting a period… maybe something like History? Must not have been one of my favorites. After school, I was Julia in Two Gentlemen of Verona and got to be a bee-hived doo-wop singer in The Leader of The Pack.

We graduated on Father’s Day that June, and it had been pouring rain all morning. It was still sprinkling through the ceremony, and our white robes were definitely damp through! I have some great pictures IndieNic took of us girls with some roses he bought us, all of us looking like wet dogs with these huge grins.

The summer is a little hazy… I think I worked, at least for a month or so…. but I do know I did a lot of things that were really important to me: Right after playing Miss Stacy in my church’s musical production in Anne of Green Gables, I acted in a special AHS alumni performance of The Quilters with some really talented women. I spent 11 days rehearsing for and providing music at a Lutheran youth gathering in Seattle with the Western States Servant Band. I spent a lot of time with the HSBoyfriend, and with IndieNic and “the harem” as our parents all called the close group of girls. Swimming in the lakes, hanging at the cabin on Mt. Rainier. Walks with ChaCha. Good stuff. We were good kids!

At the end of August 1999, I was getting ready to head off to PLU for my freshman year in the all-girls dorm (a registration flub that resulted in my meeting and best-befriending AMA! Hooray for well-placed flubs!). I had just changed my mind from going into teaching to just get an English degree, and I was all excited about their printing and publishing program (my eventual minor). I was enrolled in the honors program and French classes and auditioned for choirs and voice scholarships… funnily enough, I never even thought about taking any theatre classes. And I had no clue I was 3 months away from meeting my future husband.

So, there you are. A little festive nostalgia… fingers crossed for a laid-back good time tonight!


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