Our First Wedding Anniversary!

The husband and I have been married for ONE WHOLE YEAR!

Last Sunday was our anniversary, but since it fell in the midst of yet another End-of-Summer-Epic-Weekend, we celebrated on Saturday.

We’ve been together now for nearly seven years (since the autumn of junior year at PLU). We’ve known each other as friends (and all the truth-telling, humoring, supporting, questioning, humbling, and delighting that goes with it) for nearly 10. I really do feel like I married my best friend last summer… and it’s a good thing too! Being married is a lot of work!

Not to worry… so far, all the challenges we’ve worked through (combining houses, seeing each other ALL the time, merging families, working through lean times, figuring out who’s job it is to clean the kitty box)… so far, all of that is far overshadowed by a helluva lot of fun. We laugh a lot.

Here’s what we did for our anniversary: Spent the afternoon in Seattle, ate some delicious sushi at our hotel, and attended the Annual Murder Mystery Party thrown by some friends from school.

As you see by  the “30’s-inspired” costumes here, this year’s game was “Murder in Mob Town.” Something like 75 people in a downtown cafe played the Mob, the Rebel Mob (the husband and me), the Banks, the Businesses, the City, the Citizens, the Police, and the FBI. There was a wedding reception and toasts, there were campaign speeches, poisonings, gun shots, shady deals aplenty, and even a marriage proposal (guess who’s?!)… in short, a regular night on the town, knowhatImean? Yeh.

Paulie & Rachel finally get outta Mob Town for "a new life in the suburbs!"

Paulie & Rachel finally get outta Mob Town for "a new life in the suburbs!" (And he only had to shoot a couple more guns to do it.)

Sooooo much fun!


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