Hair this Morning, Gone Tonight!

Announcement! I have cut off my hair!

I’ve been planning on The Big Cut for about a year, truly decided to do it last April, got the guts (and got fed up with it enough) to schedule it last month, and tonight, off it went! I’ve been so good about not including my daily excitement and slight agonizing as the day drew near– so it’s all here in one post.

my childhood hair idol

My childhood hair idol

Why such a big deal?
Well, my hair is (was!) long. Really long. Long, as in gets stuck in my pants, caught in the car windows, and takes overnight to dry long. Mermaid hair… a direct reflection of a lifelong obsession.

… It’s also likely influenced by my mom and dad’s Crystal Gayle album, the cover of which shows all that beautiful hair streaming out behind her. SisterMeghanne and I used to argue who’s hair was longer… many rulers and measuring tapes were brought in.

Also: Accurate or not, hair can be such an indicator of personality. I cut it short the first time while I was in France, precisely because I was ready for a “nouvelle moi” when I got back to the states. (Also why I finally got the nose-piercing I’d been wanting for years.) Having had the same basic below-shoulder-length coif for about 6 years, once the fancy French styliste started snipping, I kept urging her on. Plus courtes! Oui, je suis certaine!

The Donation
I grew up on Little Women (Jo shears it to get Marmee train fare to care for Papa) and the Gift of the Magi (in which she sells her comb to by him a gold watch chain and he sells his watch to by her a gold hair comb), but always thought of selling hair as such an antiquated notion. I  first heard of donating hair when I was in college, and it seemed like a such a cool thing to do. All the cool, granola girls who went to Ecuador for J-term donated their hair.

So, that’s why I started growing my hair out again… and now it’s been nearly 4 years, and I’m ready for a change! (I was also ready for a big change about 2 years ago, which is when I went brunette.)

I’m donating the hair to Locks of Love. There are actually several other donation organizations, but I went with LL for a couple reasons. For one, I’d heard of it, and that’s where other girls I knew donated. For two, I couldn’t find a local dedicated hair donation group. And for three, they will take colored hair, as long as it hasn’t been bleached (not true for all orgs).

I had been approached about possibly donating my hair to a theatre for a wig, but I’m glad I chose to donate it to LL. I’m glad I kept with it to grow it out! A friend mentioned the other day how a young girl he knows was very excited to pick out her own wigs for her chemo recovery … and I knew the last four years were absolutely worth it.

La Coupe!
For The Big Cut, I went to Darren at Frida Salon in Olympia. Darren is the costume designer and hair & make-up artist for Halrequin Productions, and has dealt with my body and my fine, straight hair in a loving and professional manner many times, and he revived my gorgeous vintage lace wedding dress — I trusted him to make me look good and to ease the process!

And I couldn’t have been more right… he did a fabulous job! I sent him a photo of what I thought I wanted to do (thanks to some wig-wearing for TheFlick!) and he made it work on my head with my hair. And I love it!

The Process…
A last look in the salon’s powder room.


In the chair! “Ok, look really scared,” said Darren. Shoot… I didn’t get any pics of him, since he was wielding the camera for me!

Scissors on the way!

The sound of scissors in a giant hunk of hair…. and all of a sudden my head nearly snapped up with the weightlessness! 16 inches of braid!

It was still warm!

And… the Final Results!
Ta da! One bangin’ bob, comin’ right up!my own hair!

Here’s that original inspiration… Looks like we got it! All I need is some crazy false eyelashes and… well, just be crazy, really.


At home, the husband loved it (yay!), but Cybil isn’t so sure… maybe it’s the rather stylized combo with my newish glasses… Everyone’s a critic.

g'night kitteh

Ah well. You can’t win ’em all.

Thanks, Darren! I love it! I can’t wait to try and figure out what to do with it!


One thought on “Hair this Morning, Gone Tonight!

  1. Very cute, and I love the bangs. I always admire people who are brave with their hair. I’m the biggest wimp and I HATE changing it. 🙂 Well done you. The glasses are a sweet touch.

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