Goofus & Gallant Grow Up and Give Status Reports

Ever read those “Goofus and Gallant” comics in the kids’ magazines?
Two kids doing the same thing two different ways. Steal a cookie from the jar like Goofus OR politely ask for a snack like Gallant. Interesting, isn’t it, that the comic didn’t ever actually say that one way of life was the right one? And no clear consequences… just two ways of doing things.

Well… guess who was sitting at my desk today…

BossLady: Hey Emilie, how are those reports going?

Me: Reports?

BossLady: The reports due at the end of the month. How are they coming?

Me: Shhhh*@#!

Oh Goofus. Won’t you ever learn? One never addresses a superior with such vulgarity!

…unless of course, your boss is also a friend-boss, who understands that you almost never resort to such inarticulate oaths in the workplace, and who realizes that you are completely swamped in assignments this week and may easily forget the exact status of an assigned project– In that case you will both laugh long and heartily, dramatizing the already melodramatic intonation of the ill-advised oath… particularly after you realize that No! you didn’t forget! Said reports were pushed unceremoniously off your plate by technical issues beyond your control, and Yes! You can still finish them by months end!

Otherwise, please try to think of something more ladylike and professional. That’s what Gallant would do.

Goofus acts before he thinks.

Who do you want be, kids? Goofus is drawn with mean expressions and aggressive, sneaky body posture-He's almost always allllll alone. Gallant is sketched with a smiling face, surrounded by happy children and soothing, botanical backgrounds, even indoors!


2 thoughts on “Goofus & Gallant Grow Up and Give Status Reports

  1. Your office cog posts rule because I can imagine people and places I know. If the people go unnamed, I can always just make an educated guess. Good times.

    To quote Beavis, “Goofus rules”.

    (But in general, when reading anything I write, it’s best to imagine it using Butthead’s voice ’cause that’s more accurate.)

    • “an educated guess?” as you know, people change around here… but devs remain the same. Read that as you will, and be nothing but flattered in your own case!
      Also, I love that Beavis read Highlights Magazine. 🙂

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