Enter Autumn, Singing Spicy

Mmmmmm. Definitely fall. Has been for a few weeks, sure. Honeycrisp apples are back in the market stalls, boots are back in the wardrobe, and the kitteh carries little bits of velvety-soft red leaves when she returns from forays onto the balcony (she leads a small, but very adventurous life). Along with sunglasses for the bright October haze, I cast about for gloves and umbrellas each time I leave the apartment… and then willfully leave them behind.

October is my favorite month and, even if it decides to drown us all in buckets of grey, windy wash in a week or two –which October may very well do– these first few weeks are so bright and brisk, I don’t mind in the least.

LiveFromMountainMusicLounge15Especially not when last week marked one of my yearly traditions. Two of my favorite things about my favorite month in one fell swoop, consumerism be damned. Promptly at noon on the release day, I sauntered to the corner S*Bux to purchase Volume 15 of Live From The Mountain Music Lounge (special acoustic performances, proceeds benefit The Wilderness Society) and sip my first pumpkin latte of the season.

It’s the little things.


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