Closings and Openings. Stardust Homecoming: The First Rehearsal

The end of one…

A Streetcar Named Desire closed it’s brief run at Theatre on The Square last Sunday afternoon. It’s always a little bittersweet to take the final bow, clean out your dressing area, turn in your costumes, make the rounds of hasty and prolonged goodbyes, and finally meander away from the story and the world we all invent and inhabit as partners in creative crime.

And every show gives you something new to use in the future. Along with my big pink makeup box full of hairpins, false eyelashes, and bruise kit, I especially will take with me a renewed strength I found in the permission to just play. Throughout Streetcar, my director and generous cast mates encouraged me –goaded, you might even say!– into a kind of physical and verbal sparring and relaxation with my scene partners that I haven’t really found before. And you know, it feels good. I’ll do that again, thanks.

…is the beginning of another

And now? Well, it’s a busy theatre year for our household. On to the next project!


About 10 hours after the Streetcar cast party broke up Sunday evening, Monday night found me and the husband circling around the piano at the State Theatre for the first of many, many weeks of music-making with our new cast-mates.

A Stardust Homecoming opens the day after Thanksgiving this year, on November 27th. It will be the 15th installment of the Stardust series with Harlequin Productions –a series Linda Whitney, Harlequin’s artistic director and the life-force behind Stardust, always calls their “Christmas Card” to their audiences and community. And it really is… with fun, feel-good story lines, the signature 1940s setting, and allllll that wonderful (and difficult!) swingin’ music, Stardust is a Christmas tradition for a lot of families in the South Sound.

As for me and my family, if twice makes a tradition, then this is one of ours! The husband and I will be reprising the roles we had in Operation Stardust, back in 2007.

Operation Stardust, 2007. The husband returns this year as Marty Ross and I'll be back as Nora Lynne. (Photo, Harlequin Productions).

(That particular production will always hold a special place for us; the husband proposed to me on Christmas eve, after keeping it quiet through a matinee show and a midnight church service. I found out later that everyone in the cast knew but me!)

We’re so excited to be back for Stardust and to be back for it together. Last night’s first rehearsal was in fact a little homecoming of it’s own… it’s a cute story, lots of old friends are back, the music selection already looks like a fun challenge, and I can’t wait to dig into choreography and hear the band in a few weeks!

I’ll keep you posted as we go, and I promise not to whistle-sing-hum too much Christmas music… at least not before Thanksgiving!


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