Chilidog Day at Hot Rod Dog!

Hooray! My favorite day of the week, no matter when it falls. Today, friends, is Chilidog Thursday. This is the day to make the short pilgrimage down Pacific Ave to Hot Rod Dog’s lunch counter for an all-beef frank (with no bun, for the wheatless among us), a healthy helping of cilantro chili with cheese, a sprinkling of sauerkraut, and a pickle-spear side. Oh yes. Today is Chilidog Thursday.

Hod Rod's all-beef Chilidog, sans bun

Of course, next week, it may be Chilidog Friday, or even — should the cravings take hold too soon– Chilidog Wednesday. It has been known to happen.

See, about 6 months ago, WorkFriendSarah and I discovered a mutual love for all things hotdog. Sure, just about everyone likes hotdogs, given the right circumstances. Ball games, picnics, campfires… who doesn’t the love foil-wrapped mana “fresh” from a street cart at 2:30 am, after the clubs and bars close? 

But for those of us who looooove hotdogs, finding a like-minded soul is a rare treat. Someone who loves hotdogs loves them in all guises. Kosher beef, fancy herbed franks, you bet. Authentic German ‘wursts, absolutely. But always, and sometimes especially, someone who loves hotdogs also loves them most in their purest, and admittedly most questionable mixed-meat form.

People who love hotdogs will seek them out. Regularly and with intense satisfaction. From all carts, freezers, and specialty shops. (If WFSarah ever gets her stuff together and actually compiles her list of dog-vendors on the I-5 corridor, I will be sure to share it with y’all, for the greater good.) 

I have just been informed she has the list. 
See what I mean? Love  for the dogs.

Which is why –to the continual bewilderment of my vegetarian BossLady– WFSarah and I have a standing lunch date for bi-weekly voyages to Hot Rod Dog. We are sometimes joined by the occasionally curious, like YMP in the picture below; people who enjoy dogs, but maybe don’t love them. Perhaps he will learn in time.


WFSarah & YMP get down to the serious bizness of Chilidog Day.

And so, today is Chilidog Thursday. Yeah! Best day in the week! Lift your fork and give thanks!


3 thoughts on “Chilidog Day at Hot Rod Dog!

    • I DO love the Red-Hot, especially with the added incentive of good beer… I gotta say thought, mostly I love the dog *names*… Hill Top Strangler? Can You beat that? Think not. Have fun this Monday!

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