C-corporate f-f-freezeout!

Old buildings mean old air ducts. This, in turn means unstoppable, ungovernable, and seemingly relentless sub-arctic blasts from above. And that means: freeeeeezing employees!

Just for the record, we’re doing what we can. Layers, blinds down, a little modified “chair calisthenics” every so often. And we’re talking layers, people. Undershirt, long-sleeved shirt, turtleneck sweater, zip-up hoodie (hood up and in use), wool shawl cocoon, and a blanket, wrapped burrito-style around the legs.

It also means a continous refreshing of hot beverages, just to have somethinganything warm to grab hold of. That means way too much caffeine half-way through my fourth cuppa joe before 2 pm, a downgrade to tea, and the eventual switch to just plain old hot water.

No space heaters allowed…. I wonder if anybody makes hot water bottles anymore?


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