Catching Up: Fall Before It’s Winter

Just realized I have all kinds of Fall-related photos and things I wanted to blog about.. and then promptly forgot!

So here’s a little October catch-up!

You’ll see the husband is markedly absent from most of this… that’s because I hardly ever saw him. Boo. But I will say that October Saturdays were amazing for me… the husband was usually gone for a matinee, so I slept late and spent a lot of time just relaxing from the busy week, going for walks, staying in bed alllllll day reading (we’re talking till 4:30 pm when I had to get up to go to the theatre), taking myself out for coffee and writing dates, and generally enjoying the gorgeous fall colors in Tacoma.

Coming soon: I have a whole post in the works about my impromptu lesson on gathering, cooking, and eating chestnuts harvested from the trees in Wright Park.


Fall colors in Wright Park

On one of my last Saturdays before Rehearsals started, I went over for a “Sunday Social” breakfast with some of the T-Town gang. Breakfast in a crock pot, gluten-free pop-overs, yummy fruit and cheese, lots of good coffee, and yes… yes, McFoxy & Kim actually did it. They bought the “frakkin’ toaster” of BSG fame. Here’s why it’s so awesome… besides the flashing blinky light when you put your bread in:


McFoxy knows how to handle the Toasters.

After breakfast, we went pumpkin patchin’ and did the corn maze!


Pumpkin' Patchin'!

Maize Maze

Into the field!

Also in October, the band played for a private event at a new venue, which was pretty nice. And hey, we even clean up nice, don’t we?


Ready for our company Christmas card? Perhaps!

Actually, I DID see the husband a couple of times! We had time for a little “date night in” a couple times during the month… we even put flowers on the table sometimes and opened some good wine and everything. Good wine makes even our go-to-last-minute-quick-meals seem a little more celebratory.


And of course, in October, A Streetcar Named Desire opened and closed in downtown Tacoma.

Here’s one of the shots they took at the theatre… go to the Theatre Northwest Group website to see more production photos!


Last scene: A Streetcar Named Desire. Photo: Theatre Northwest Group.

Et voila! October craziness reduced to a few inches of text and some photos! And now…. here comes Novemeber….


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