Stardust ’09: We Have a Set!

Thanks to the fantastic group of staff and volunteers at Harlequin, we have a set!
A belated post: Last weekend, the onstage members of Stardust Homecoming trouped across the street to the rehearsal space while the big trucks and and many willing hands delivered the pieces of our new home. Three weeks of rehearsal on set? What a luxury!

And now, ta da! Welcome to the Stardust Club, in lower Manhattan!

Stardust Stage

It’s roughly based on the real Stardust Club, in that we know what’s across the street, around the corner, what the neighborhood is like, and where the doors go.


This is also the same set used for all of the Stardust series but one (the one the husband and I were in two years ago). I like that idea of continuity… that the audience members who make this show a part of their Christmas tradition really can walk in and feel right at home, looking at a familiar place with familiar faces they’ve gotten to know over the years.

…and since we’ll be in our Stardust Club until January… guess it’s going to feel pretty familiar soon.


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